Women of the Word

Hope Through the Word

Developing Women of Noble Character

Wycliffe Women of the Word is an initiative designed to connect women to Scripture, allowing them to recognize their God-given value as women and the role they play in his mission. When women are affirmed and encouraged by the truth that God has created them to fulfill a specific role in his kingdom, they are better equipped to reach others with the power of Scripture — in their families, communities and around the world.

Stories of Hope

Meet Rajiya

Meet Rajiya and learn how Scripture-based trauma healing groups are helping to bring hope to women in her country.

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Unlikely Heroes: Women in Bible Translation

Two single women become Bible translation pioneers for generations to come.
  • By: Melissa Paredes

As human beings, we often have a narrow lens of understanding. We can often find ourselves to be near-sighted — we have no true concept of the big picture, like God does. But God is limitless in his understanding, and he is the God of...

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Join Us for the RE: [Conference]!

A women’s conference hosted by Wycliffe Women of the Word

If you’re looking for spiritual refreshment, encouragement and empowerment as a woman in Christ, then the RE: [Conference] is just for you! Join us for this event — held in Orlando from March 17-18 — and learn more about the hope found in Christ and through God’s Word.

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Meet the Napo Quechua Team

They’re helping end alcoholism and shamanism with the gospel.
  • By: Katie Kuykendall

Meet Maritza, Claudia and Selmira. They’re part of the Napo Quechua translation project in Peru, and are about to take several boat rides through the Amazon River system — the only way to reach the Napo Quechua villages. 

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Marcelina’s Story

Like many Quechua-speaking women, Marcelina wasn’t able to go to school when she was a child because she had to work. Because of this, she was unable to read. But her life was forever changed when she first learned how to read and write her own language as an adult.

Empowering Families for Lasting Change

Reading the Bible in your own language is empowering, and it changes people’s lives when they are able to understand what God is saying. Wycliffe believes that everyone needs the chance to hear the gospel as if their mother was talking to them, and that’s why we participate in Bible translation.

Roseline’s Story

When Roseline became an orphan after her mother died, she lost hope of financially providing for herself and entered prostitution as a way to support herself instead. When Rosaline came face-to-face with Jesus’ words in her own language, she found the hope and healing that can only come through Scripture.

Threads of Hope

Simple, handmade bracelets help provide a brighter tomorrow for families in the Philippines.
  • By: Melissa Paredes

In 2003, while serving as missionaries with First Love International Ministries in the Philippines, Alex and Chris Kuhlow befriended some local girls who sold thread bracelets to tourists. During one of their visits, Alex and Chris...

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God Speaks Your Language, Too

  • By: Kelly Chesnut

Driving through the winding dirt roads of the northern Philippines, my family and I were part of a caravan headed to Barlig, a small village in the mountains of Luzon. The Finallig Scripture celebration had been in the planning stages for a...

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Famata’s Story

Taking hold of literacy with both hands
  • By: Katie Kuykendall

In a small village in Senegal, Famata watched a man read a small paperback book that is printed in their language, Manjak. A smile comes across the man’s face as he slowly sounds out the words in his language for the first time. And when she learned to read Manjak for herself, her life was changed forever. 

180 Degrees

  • By: Melissa Paredes

Kara* didn’t like the Bible. As a kid, she lived with a missionary woman who helped provide education and teach life skills to kids who otherwise wouldn’t have attended school. During those years, she heard God’s Word many...

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A Librarian’s Granddaughter

The impact of women in literacy and education
  • By: Katie Kuykendall

I take great delight in losing myself in a good book, and I come by it honestly. I remember my mom always reading some kind of novel or devotional in her spare time when I was growing up, and she encouraged my sister and me to do the same....

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Reading Offers Women Hope and Freedom

  • By: Melissa Paredes

Literacy classes have started in the Gede’o community in Ethiopia, and women are experiencing hope and freedom as they learn how to read and write. It’s a sacrifice for these women to attend the classes. They come early in the...

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