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Encouraging women through authentic, Scripture‑based community.

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Wycliffe Women of the Word is designed to connect you to Scripture, help you grow in community with other women and allow you to recognize your God-given value as a woman.

The truth is that when women are affirmed and encouraged — by the knowledge that God made them, knows them, loves them and has designed a specific role for them to play in his kingdom that no one else can — they’re better equipped to reach others with the power of Scripture.

And that can change families, communities and the world.

(Oh, and if you’re a guy who’s reading this, the content might not apply directly to you but you can share the stuff on this page with a woman in your life! We know you know them.)

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The Wycliffe Women of the Word podcast is like spending an hour having coffee with your best friends and trusted mentors. Listen in as hosts Beth and Jenn chat with musicians, authors and missionaries about topics ranging from what books and music they’re enjoying, to the profound spiritual truths God is teaching them. #AlltheFeels

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Relational Prayer: Talking With God as His Friend

Relational Prayer: Talking With God as His Friend

When we treat prayer like a transaction — an exchange of our pious words for God's services — we can become convinced that God doesn't hear us or care about us. But what would it look like to treat our prayer lives as relational instead of transactional?

Seen by Jesus: Invited Into Dignity

Seen by Jesus: Invited Into Dignity

Being seen, acknowledged and known by Jesus gives us a steadiness that allows us to name, own and move beyond our brokenness rather than be defined and bound by it.

How to Pray in the Midst of Anxiety

How to Pray in the Midst of Anxiety

In the midst of anxiety, even prayer can seem overwhelming. Learn how a simple prayer model can help you communicate with God no matter how you’re feeling.

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