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You can share the Gospel of Luke!

Saare believers face opposition without the help of God’s Word.

The Saare people live in the west of Nigeria — on the edge of the battleground between Christianity in the south and another major world religion in the north. Only around 30% are Christian, and they face continual pressure and opposition because of their faith.

Believers need the encouragement and strength found in God’s Word as they seek to share the gospel with others. But no Scripture has been published in their language of us-Saare.

But God is at work.

The Saare people have seen the impact of God’s Word in neighboring languages and desire the same for themselves. “Any time I am reading the words of Jesus in the Gospels,” a man in a nearby community said, “I hear as if it is Jesus speaking to me directly because it is in my language.”

As Scripture is translated in other languages in Nigeria, people have begun to understand God’s Word in ways they never have before. The Saare are anticipating how God will work in their own community.

You can partner with the Saare to translate first Scripture.

The Saare translation team is working now to translate the Gospel of Luke — the very first portion of God’s Word in their language! Your gift today can help make this possible.

Your generosity provides workshop training for team members, equipping them to translate God’s Word in a way that’s clear, accurate and natural. You’ll pave the way for Scripture to be translated and then published in print, audio and digital formats so it can have the greatest reach and impact. With the book of Luke serving as the movie script, your gift will also make it possible to begin production of the “JESUS” film — something the Saare people eagerly look forward to.

For the first time, the Saare will meet Jesus through Scripture in a language that speaks to their hearts. You’ll provide support for believers so they can be steadfast, grow in their faith and be equipped to share the gospel with others who don’t yet know Christ.

As a result, the local church will grow as people connect with God’s Word in a language and format they understand. Come alongside the Saare people by making a gift below!