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Praying for Kenya and the Tugen People

A look at this region and how to pray for its people.

  • April 27, 2021
woman praising God in a church service

Kenya is located in east Africa and features a stunning variety of geography, history, languages and cultures. The country has Mount Kenya in the highlands, white sand beaches of the Indian Ocean, wildlife reserves, the Great Rift Valley and Lake Victoria, which is the source of the Nile River.

Over 54 million Kenyans live in the country and speak over 60 languages. Tugen is one of Kenya’s many indigenous languages with approximately 156,000 speakers.

The Tugen people became known by their homeland and live primarily in the Tugen Hills of central Kenya. The majority of the Tugen adhere to some form of Christianity, but many people also follow traditional beliefs and practices.

Praise God that the Tugen already have some portions of God’s Word available in their language and are embracing Scripture by using it in worship services, home Bible studies and through an app.

But now translators are working to bring them even more of God’s Word. Goals for the current three-year translation project include translating 13 additional New Testament books and the book of Ruth from the Old Testament. These books were specifically selected for this translation project by local leaders to address issues the Tugen are personally experiencing.

Other goals for the Tugen translation project include producing Bible study materials geared toward single mothers and youth, translating hymns into Tugen and dubbing a film series designed to help new believers grow in their relationship with Christ.

Prayer points:

  • Translation project continues on schedule so Tugen people can engage with more portions of Scripture by the end of the year.
  • Scripture in Tugen will transform lives and the community.
  • Continued work of Bible translation in Kenya and throughout Africa.

Make a Prayer Connection: Pray for full funding of the Tugen Project. Your prayers and gifts will help the Tugen people access more Scripture in a language they clearly understand!

Come alongside Bible translation teams all around the world by praying for their current needs with specific and timely prayer requests.