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Thai Sign Language

In the beautiful country of Thailand, Deaf Bible translators are bringing God’s Word to life one sign at a time.

Thai man using sign language

About the Project

According to the Deaf Bible Society, there are over 400 sign languages in use around the world today. Yet not one of these groups has a full Bible in their language and only 2 percent have heard the gospel!

In Thailand, a small community of Deaf believers is working hard to translate a set of chronological Bible stories into their own language.

So far the team has successfully completed several stories and they look forward to seeing even greater results as God continues to use their work to transform lives.

You can help the Chronological Bible Translation team reach the Thai Sign Language community for the first time with the hope of God’s Word!

400+ sign languages exist around the world.
136 sign languages are officially documented.
One sign language has a complete New Testament — American Sign Language.
70 million people use a sign language as their first or only language.
Only two percent of the world’s Deaf have been introduced to the gospel.
Zero sign languages have a complete Bible.

The Deaf

The Deaf have suffered a long history of misunderstanding and discrimination. But the Thai Sign Language community is finding hope in God’s Word.

Scripture for the Deaf


He first learned about the Bible at a Deaf church where people struggled to read. As a result, false teaching had taken root.

He Found Truth


With a Deaf woman leading the translation team, the Thai Sign Language community is growing more excited about the Bible.

Share Her Vision


As a video editor for the Chronological Bible Translation team, he knows the unique challenges of translating the Bible into a sign language.

Here's What It's Like


His enthusiasm and confidence were crushed when he failed as a Deaf church planter. But God turned Mark’s weaknesses into an unexpected strength.

Read His Story

Bible Stories in Sign: A Look at One Team’s Translation Process

Ever wondered what it’s like to translate the Bible into a sign language? Here’s how one team does it.

An illustration of a man and a woman demonstrating Thai sign language

Get Involved

You can help the Thai Deaf and others get God’s Word in their own languages, impacting generations to come.



Pray for a people group in Asia that needs God’s Word.



Support the Thai Deaf and other important projects.



Learn about the need for workers in Southeast Asia.

Support the Work

Give a gift to help the Thai Deaf and others like them get the Bible in their own languages.

Interested in Serving?

Learn more about the variety of open positions in Asia and help bring God’s Word to millions.

Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone —Mark 16:15b (NLT)