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Our Beliefs and Vision

A look at the principles that guide us.

Our Beliefs

Our Vision

For people from every language to understand the Bible and be transformed.

Our Mission

Serve with the global body of Christ to advance Bible translation and work together so people can encounter God through his Word.

Core Values

Longing For People to Know God (1 Timothy 2:3-6)

We understand the Bible is critical for people to know God and be transformed into followers of Christ. Bible translation makes it possible for all language communities to encounter the fullness of God within their culture and context. We approach our mission with passion, knowing that people are lost without the hope of the gospel.

Loving God and Loving People (Mark 12:30-31)

As we are being transformed into Christ’s image, we strive to love him with all our hearts, souls, minds and strength, and in turn, love people the way Christ loves us.

Engaging All Parts of the Body of Christ (Romans 12:4-5)

As members of one body, we seek to engage and equip Christ-following men, women and children from diverse generations, cultures and churches to participate as part of God’s global mission.

Reaching People in Ways They Can Clearly Understand (1 Corinthians 14:9)

We believe that accurate, clear and natural translation of the Bible in accessible formats leads to a life-changing relationship with God through Scripture.

Depending on God (Proverbs 3:5-6)

We depend on God, pray with expectation and trust him for all aspects of Bible translation around the world.

Collaborating With Humility and Interdependence (Philippians 2:2-3)

As a participant in a worldwide movement of agencies, networks and churches, we join our partners in the common goal of transformation through God’s Word. We seek to contribute, support, learn from and serve in a spirit of humility and mutuality.

Investing in Others (Matthew 28:19-20)

In partnership, we steward resources and build capacity so local translation teams and churches can move forward with well-planned, high-quality, sustainable and community-engaged Bible translation programs.