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Around the World Activities

"Around the World" Book Activities

These activities are related to "Around the World with Kate & Mack" and are easy to download and print, keeping kids busy with minimal instruction from you! They are ideal for teachers needing to fill additional class time or for moms wanting to keep kids busy on the weekends. Kids can solve mazes, decode messages, try new crafts and more!

Approximate time: 15-45 minutes

Prayer Activities

Prayer Activities

Prayer is important and these profiles give kids the chance to learn about different people groups, cultures, language and countries around the world, as well as ways to pray for them.

Approximate time: 5-15 minutes per profile

Seven-day prayer booket:

Language profiles:

Country profiles:

Seasonal Activities

Seasonal Activities

Teach kids how people in other countries live, celebrate, do school and more through these seasonal lessons. They’re a great way to learn more about the world while having fun as a family over the school holidays!

Fun for the Family

Fun for the Family

Looking for a fun activity to do together as a family? These activities let everyone, no matter their age, enjoy learning and exploring the world together!

Topical Lessons

Topical Lessons

Teach kids valuable life lessons and build godly character through these fun, interactive lessons. They’ll learn about God’s amazing creation and discover exciting ways they can make a difference in their world today.

Buy the Book

Meet Kate, a Wycliffe missionary kid, and her faithful friend, Mack. They’re on an adventure to make new friends from different countries all around the world. And you can join them!

Travel with Kate and Mack as they tour the world and learn about different cultures, languages and countries. They’ll discover that although there are a lot of differences between them and their new friends, there’s one thing that’s the same — they’re all loved by a God who speaks their language and wants to be their friend.

Buy the book in English or Spanish at Wycliffe’s Shop.

Bible-based Lessons

Bible-Based Lessons

Teach kids about the importance of the Bible in their lives today and why everyone needs to have the Bible for themselves through these fun, Bible-based lessons.