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Placing Educators and Teachers

Teach, nurture and equip missionary kids around the world!

Missionaries need to know their kids are thriving. A great education is one way to help families stay on the field. You can help fill that need!

Wycliffe Bible Translators USA is seeking educators and teachers for P-12 missionary kids (MKs) around the world in both traditional schools and non-traditional settings — because families need education plans that work for their unique situations. Missionary families can take advantage of traditional school, boarding school and parent-led homeschool options.

We have many teaching roles available, such as general and special education teachers, librarians, tutors, guidance counselors, boarding home parents and more. What’s your passion?

Open Positions

Here are some of the open positions you can apply for:

Teaching Missionary Kids P-12



Other Staffing Needs (All grades)

Nurturing MKs and Their Families

Spiritual care and family support:

Equipping MK Schools

Administration and Support staff:

Ready to jumpstart your teaching adventure?

All educators and teachers thinking about roles in missions start with a specialized training, and ours is called GECO — Global Education and Care Orientation. The course sets you up for success in teaching, nurturing or equipping missionary kids around the world. This is a great way to consider your place as an educator or teacher in God’s kingdom work without obligation. Register today!

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