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Military and Veterans

From Defending the Constitution to Advancing God’s Kingdom

You’ve always been a part of something bigger than yourself, and you can continue to affect change even after separating from the military!

Tom Crabtree

“Christians in the military … feel like they are serving something bigger than themselves; they’re making a difference. … As I entered missions, I had a similar perspective: I thought about missions as going on deployment for the Lord.”
— Tom Crabtree, former U.S. military and current director of SIL Nigeria, a primary strategic partner of Wycliffe.

Make a Difference With Your Experience

Your training, skills and experiences have uniquely equipped you to advance God’s Kingdom in the global Bible translation movement. Whether you served as an officer or as an enlisted member, we have a place for you! You can also use your transition benefits, GI Bill and previous education to further your missions career!

Stephen Sweeney

“Key values that exist in the military include putting others before yourself, caring about those around you and working for a greater purpose. Those are also foundational in missions! There are a lot more commonalities [between] missions and the military than people might think.”

— Stephen Sweeney, former U.S. Navy and current chief of staff for JAARS, a Wycliffe partner organization.

  • Use your technical skills in things like IT, engineering, language proficiency, logistics, construction, aviation, administration and more to fill critical roles that enable Bible translation to move forward around the world.
  • Use your leadership and management skills to provide essential guidance to teams and work for the greater good of a community.
  • Utilize your cross-cultural experience and adaptability to respond to critical needs in changing situations.
  • Use your commitment and problem-solving skills to persevere in the face of challenges and solve problems from new angles.

Learn how God can use military personnel in missions, discover the ways your skills connect and check out our military to missions webinar series!

Find your community among a passionate, innovative team who share your deep desire to serve people and a cause bigger than yourself. At Wycliffe, we want to come alongside you and help you find your place and purpose.

Mark Spangler

“As veterans, we’ve given significant time and energy for our country’s security and safety. That’s the underlying thing which is what is going to make [military personnel] good missionaries. ”
— Mark Spangler, former U.S. Army and current helicopter pilot.