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Explore the Role of a Wycliffe Missionary

At Wycliffe, blend your career with your calling! Our missionaries (called “members”) join with the global church as God engages and transforms communities through his translated Word.

Join a community of care

Have you ever had your company’s vice president call you to see how you’re doing after a crisis? We have. At Wycliffe, our heart is for people — both for our staff and for the language communities where we work. How will you see that lived out?

  • We’ve been doing remote work since before it was trendy. We know how to support remote teams, and we love giving you that flexibility.
  • Your managers care deeply about you and pray with and for you.
  • We’re excited about innovation and creativity, staying on the cutting edge of development for our global partners.
  • We don’t do lone wolves here. You’ll be part of a community of translation partners that serves globally with local churches that are leading their Scripture programs.
  • God’s Kingdom is spectacularly diverse, and Wycliffe is dedicated to enabling everyone’s voice to be heard, included and belong.
  • We believe health is holistic, so in addition to health insurance, retirement plans, FMLA and more, we offer a range of staff care benefits from mental health counseling to spiritual development for all our employees and their families.
  • We love kids. New moms can bring their babies to the office, and families abroad have high quality educational options.
  • Your life is going to change, and your career goals will too. We are passionate about internal mobility, professional development and career growth so you are always ready for the next thing.

“I like working at Wycliffe because I know my time, talents and treasures are being used to make an eternal impact.”

— Majeedah Murad

Majeedah Murad

What could you do?

We have opportunities for a wide variety of roles that support Bible translation. Could you see yourself in one of these areas?

Aviation and Maritime

Enable Scripture to travel to the ends of the earth through your aviation and maritime expertise.

Business Professionals and Management

Accelerate Bible translation through finance, public relations, management, administration and more.

Children’s Education

Impact missionary children and their families through Christ-centered education.

Creative Expression

Proclaim God’s name through writing, video, EthnoArts, music, marketing and communications.

Information Technology

Work on cutting edge projects and critical functions in software, hardware and systems.

Language Development and Scripture Engagement

Help make disciples through programs like literacy, vernacular media and community development!

Linguistics and Translation

Come alongside language communities translating the Word of God.

Military and Veterans

Advance God’s Kingdom with skills and experiences acquired serving our nation.

People Care and HR

Help people to grow and thrive through counseling, medical services, HR, coaching and training.

Seminary and Bible Scholars

Utilize your biblical and theological training to jumpstart your career as a translation consultant!

*Member positions receive their salary through gifts given for the preference of their ministry by a financial partnership team.

Thinking About Missions

Learn more about serving with Wycliffe.

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Dig Deeper into Serving as a Missionary

Explore Wycliffe Live! Webinars

Join our interactive webinars to learn more about how we work, the roles and people that serve Bible translation and other topics about serving in missions.

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Discover your path in missions in this short online course, where you’ll not only learn about the global Bible translation movement, but you’ll dig deep into the roles that best fit your skill set with practical, real‑world scenarios.

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Discover God’s heart for the nations and how he has made you for more in this 15-week course held online or local to you. Prepare to be amazed!

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Where could you work?

Step into your next adventure by working remotely, serving in one of our U.S. offices or finding your place overseas!

Wycliffe USA and our strategic partners are currently working in 167 countries on over 2,700 language projects. These are the known remaining translation needs:

Americas: 119, Africa: 558, Europe: 59, Asia: 751, Pacific: 405

Source: Wycliffe Global Alliance, September 2021.

But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him?
And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him?
And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?
And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent?
That is why the Scriptures say,
"How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news!"

— Romans 10:14-15 (NLT)